Thursday, July 18, 2013

a compelling devotion to what is.

a compelling devotion to the border.

the border, the border, the border.

i love the border.

i want the border to help me.

i want it to get me a job.

i want it to save my gay son.

i want it to protect me from myself.

mostly myself.

but the border, oh the border.

touch of evil, touch of cotton.

the feel of the border.

my mistakes are going across the border.

close the fucking border.

don't let my mistakes get back across.

hide me from myself.

i'm presently across the border.

hide me from myself.

the border is my savior, i shall not want.

the border is above me and below me.

my new book is about the border.

it's a damn good read.

the first chapter is about the border finding its birth parents.

the second chapter is the border's journey as a child coming from africa to new york.

the border lived in a tiny apartment and worked three jobs for many years.

cab driver was one.

night janitor.

newspaper deliveryman.

and now the border doesn't have to do much.

doesn't have to work much.

has a gorgeous apartment in central park west.

has a gorgeous big house, a fucking casa, in scottsdale.

the border loves life.

i am the border.

my book is an autobiography.

it's called, "my life as the border."

the book borders on satire.

the book is about taco bell.

head for the border.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the brain must remain the same 

finish an idea and move on

call your daddy

call a man who is naked on his porch, superior to the clothed man inside.

god knows how to eliminate his enemies but just keep in mind he created his fucking enemies.

that is essential
Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep dancing in the muddy swam of a stream of life, a tree of media, climbing to get free cable.

My sword is drawn, I'm a soldier and able to relax and the relaxation pushes a man to be the best he can be, fearless and deadly to his beloved enemies.

Rise rise rise.

He is livid. He is friendly. Check his references.